About Power TAC

Power TAC is a competitive simulation of future retail electric power markets, in which the competitors are retail "brokers" who buy and sell power in both wholesale and retail markets. The wholesale market is an abstraction of typical day-ahead markets in North America and Europe, and the retail market is a tariff market, in which customers are able to choose among tariff contract offerings from the competing brokers. Customers are models of household, business, and institutional users of electric power, as well as small-scale producers of power that own solar arrays or small wind turbines.

We have received many requests for participation and we are grateful for the strong interest in Power TAC! We are looking forward to have you and your team in this year's competition. If you are interested in being part of the competition this year, please let us know.

Building on the experience of competitions in 2012-2017, we are extending and refining the Power TAC platform in preparation for Power TAC 2018. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you about the 2018 games and subsequent competitions.
So, Join in!

Participant resources:

The software infrastructure for Power TAC includes the simulation server, a sample broker implementation usable as a framework for your own broker, a web-based tournament scheduler/manager, and an extensible logfile analyzer. Details are available on the participant's wiki and the developer's wiki. All the code is open-source, available on github.