Getting Involved with Power TAC

Are you thinking about getting involved in Power TAC?

If so, there are several possible roles you might want to take:

  1. Develop a Broker agent: If you want to compete in our annual tournaments, you will need a broker. The current (summer 2014) means of developing a broker is to download the Java sources for the sample broker (.zip or .tar.gz) and add your own behaviors. Information about how to get your development environment set up, and how to build and run the broker and server, is on the participant's wiki.
  2. Work on the Simulator : You can volunteer to add new customer or genco models, or to model a particular country/region, or you can take the Power TAC simulator and use it for your own purposes, under the terms of the Apache license, version 2. The developer's wiki on github has all the information you should need to get started.
  3. Contribute to game design: -- anyone is welcome to contribute ideas and effort to improve the Power TAC simulation scenario, or to suggest new ideas for running tournaments. Contact Wolf to get started.
  4. Analyze tournament Data
  5. Use Power TAC in an educational setting:

If you decide to work on a broker agent or the simulator, you should join the project mailing list on nabble to get updates on new releases and to participate in discussion about features and competitions. Traffic is modest - usually no more than 2-3 messages/week. This is the only venue where you are sure to receive such updates.