Power TAC 2012

Power TAC 2012 Update

2012 Tournament Server

There were three tournaments in the 2012 Power Trading Agent Competition (Power TAC). The first began in late May of 2012 with a qualifying round as part of the Thirteenth Annual Trading Agent Competition. A demonstration round was held during the AAMAS-12 conference in Valencia on June 4-5. Participants have designed autonomous trading agents that act as retail brokers, earning profits by selling tariff contracts to customers and trading in a wholesale market for bulk power. The simulation scenario is designed to provide a range of challenges to broker agents, including a day-ahead market for wholesale power, realistic weather forecasts (which affect the output of wind and solar energy, as well as consumption), customers with uncertain demand and a variety of preferences over tariff terms, and a distribution utility that charges for energy transport and for imbalances between supply and demand. Tariffs can offer fixed, time-of-use, or dynamic pricing, and a number of other features that are commonly available in liberalized power markets.

A second round of Power TAC 2012 was held September 24-27 2012, and the third round ran from 30 November through 7 December.

The formal game specification and initial server and sample broker implementations are available for evaluation and broker development. A final release of the infrastructure components is scheduled for 16 July 2012.

We look forward to your participation in a vigorous competition in 2013.

Wolf Ketter, John Collins, and the Power TAC team