Power TAC 2013

Power TAC 2013 Final Ranking

The ranking for the inaugural Power TAC competition was as follows:

1) TacTex
2) cwiBroker
3) MLLBroker
4) CrocodileAgent
5) AstonTAC
6) Mertacor
7) INAOEBroker02


AstonTAC, Aston University , Rodrigue T. Kuate
CrocodileAgent, University of Zagreb, Jurica Babic
INAOEBroker02, INAOE, Neil Vila
MLLBroker, University of Freiburg, Manuel Blum
Mertacor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
TacTex, UT Austin, Daniel Urieli
cwiBroker, CWI Amsterdam, Jasper Hoogland

Call for Participation

The first official Power Trading Agent Competition will be held in July 14th-18th collocated with the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-13) in Bellevue, Washington. The schedule of competitions leading up to the summer tournament at AAAI in Bellevue, WA is:

Trial 1: 18-22 March
Trial 2: 22-26 April
Trial 3: 28-31 May
Trial 4: June 19-22 during the Erasmus Energy Forum

The qualifying round for the summer tournament would be held 8-11 July. (Note that we expect to run these with a 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT server.)

The final competition schedule for Power TAC 2013 is:

Qualification Rounds: July 8-11
Finals: July 15-16 ( collocated with AAAI Conference)

We are looking forward to a vigorous competition!