Power TAC 2016

After a successful 2015 Finals round, we updated the game specification and hosted a great 2016 competition, co-located with IJCAI 2016 in New York City, NY, United States.

2016 Game Specification

The Power TAC 2016 competition game specification was released on January 12, 2016.

The primary change from previous competitions is in the assessment of distribution costs. In previous competitions, brokers were charged for transported energy. This mechanism provides no incentive for brokers to manage peak demand and is a poor model of real-world costs. Starting with server version 1.3.1, brokers will pay for customer connections and for their contributions to peak-demand events. In addition, brokers will see higher costs for balancing services, eliminating the possibility of a perverse incentive to carry a "short" market position into the current timeslot. More information is available in Section 7 of the specification.

Competition Schedule

The competition schedule was:
17 May, 2016: Tournament start
17 - 25 May, 2016: Qualification round (to test basic functionality)
1 – 15 June, 2016: Seeding round (Game size will depend on the number of brokers)
30 June – 6 July, 2016: Finals


The full results can be found in the Power TAC 2016 Finals page.
A machine-readable version can be found in the CSV file, including a DOI per game.
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants! We hope to have another great tournament next year.

Feel free to contact us through the Power TAC Developers Nabble list with any suggestions and comments!
Mohammad Ansarin